Longer Lithium Battery Life Upon Us

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The path of true love is never smooth some say. Neither, at least for now is life with lithium batteries. That said, they give their best. Then they fade like shooting stars. However, scientists at the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University are on to it. We think they may have uncovered the path to longer lithium battery life.

Columbia Researchers’ Key to Longer Lithium Battery Life

We never cease to wonder at what science reveals. When lithium batteries charge for the first time they lose from 5% to 20% of energy. That said, the Columbia researchers think their new design has potential to stop this happening.

Longer Lithium Battery Life

Lithium Oxide Residue: Hi-Res: CC 3.0

We know a lithium residue accumulates on the negative electrode during recycling. As a result, this impedes ion transfer and causes lithium-ion battery aging.

We had no idea the process starts at the factory. We did not know the impact is so high. The irreversible process solidifies some of the electrolyte. Then it applies it to the graphite anode. This image is an approximation of the result.

Columbia Scientists’ Elegant Solution to Early Battery Aging

Longer Lithium Battery Life

Lithium Battery Research: Adelphi Lab: CC 2.0

We are getting out of depth here with chemistry. We simply mention the researchers modified the electrolyte in ways you can explore. This is assuming your elevator stops at this floor.

That said, the results are more important. They reduce the premature coating of graphite electrodes from 8% to 0.3%. We say bravo!

The Way Forward to Longer Lithium Battery Life in Practice

The new method applies a polymer coating to the lithium battery anode. This prevents accumulation of a lithium layer. This is thicker than ideal. It obstructs ion transfer. The Columbia scientists are on to this too. Therefore, they are currently working on ways to reduce the polymer thickness. Then they can take their idea to market, and we can enjoy the fruits of longer lithium battery life.


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