9-Volt Phone Charger Reports False

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We are beginning to discover that not everything on social media is as reliable as a fresh-charged battery. Thus, we are sad to report some posts have dubious motives, or simply aim to be disruptive. The best way to spot these spam items is to look for a link to a credible source. If there is no mention of an authority, there is likely none. Recent reports of a 9-volt phone charger appear to fall in this category.

The Source of the Latest 9-Volt Phone Charger Spam

9-volt phone charger

9-Volt Battery: Adam Brookes: CC 2.5

We were drawn to this topic by a recent article in the Daily Mail. There, journalists attempted to replicate a video showing a nine-volt phone charger.

The materials were a 9V battery, a spring from a pen, a car charger adapter, and a phone. We won’t supply the details because the charge only increased from 13% to 16% after 45 minutes.

The journalists restarted the test when the phone complained, “this accessory may not be supported”. After a further 15 minutes, the phone battery power was down to 9% so a net loss. An electrochemist at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute told the Daily Mail their experiment failed because of voltage incompatibility. “You don’t want to put anything past 4.5 volts [into a phone],” he explained.

Why So Many of These Ridiculous Claims

9-volt phone charger

Phone Battery Pack: Tim Walker: CC 2.0

When we googled ‘9 volt phone charger’ there were more video suggestions than we ever imagined. The people that post them are hunting down desperate people as all dishonest scams do.

We are not sure what their ulterior motives are. Perhaps they are on a phishing expedition hoping to uncover personal information. A backup phone battery pack could be a smarter idea.

The Daily Mail reports the over-voltage might have caused the battery to explode. The social media posts sounded to be too good to be true, and in this instance, they were. Other signs a social media item is questionable include the depth of the poster’s profile, and whether the timing is too cute to believe. Finally, if the 9-volt phone charger is for real, how come the stores don’t sell it?


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