A Dad’s Tragic Story About a Button Battery

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So here’s the thing, we do not normally like repeating posts. We’d like every article to be unique and to add fresh knowledge to our understanding of the world of batteries. However, we make an exception in this case because the welfare of kids matters more to us than anything else. Today, we want to share a dad’s tragic story of how his child swallowed a lithium button battery. Hence, this post contains some sensitive material.

A Dads Tragic Story Unfolds

It is understandable that parents cannot always be everywhere. It is also understandable that toddlers should be allowed their independence, and their freedom to explore their world. However, sometimes, bad things happen and all we can is to try to prevent them from happening in the future. Still grieving for his daughter, George tells the tragic story of her loss to a button battery in the following video:

The Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Any one of the following signs could point in different directions. However where several are present, they could indicate button battery burns:

  • A sudden onset of crying (some children may not be in pain)
  • Decreased eating or drinking, difficulty swallowing, hoarse voice
  • Drooling, vomiting, chest / abdominal pain, blood in saliva and stool

If your child swallowed a button battery, but none of the above is present it may have passed harmlessly through their body.

Our Button Battery Expert Explains

The shiny plates on the top and bottom of button batteries are the terminals through which electricity flows. The device – a car remote, a toy, whatever – controls the amount of electricity passing through it. Thus, the device functions smoothly, and the battery lasts.

The electricity passes through a person’s body, and burns them inside when they ingest a battery. This can cause them pain, and even death as happened in this instance. It is always best to do a battery audit if you notice anything unusual with your child. And seek medical advice if in any doubt.


Advice for Parents: Do a Penny Battery Audit

Make Sure Your Battery is Safe

Preview Image: Button Cell Battery

Video: A Health Professional Explains: https://youtu.be/p0O2MdoHdt4

Video: A Dad’s Tragic Story: https://youtu.be/PI794iCPZGc


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