Battery Disaster Planning & Emergency Tips

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Hurricane Florence is likely to strike the east coast of the U.S. on Thursday. We should audit our emergency resources regularly if we are in a hurricane area, in case we are unable to evacuate or are on the fringes. Battery disaster planning is becoming increasingly important because we use portable energy in so many ways. You know which are your critical devices. Read on to refresh your memory on the logic you ought to follow.

The Key Elements of Battery Disaster Planning

battery disaster planning

September 5, 2018: NASA: Public Domain

There are four things to consider when doing battery disaster planning. Firstly, are your rechargeable batteries in good shape? And secondly do you have spares if they let you down?

Alternatively, if you have single-use primary ones do you have enough of them? And finally, how are you going to charge the secondary ones, including the  car battery if it goes flat and the grid is down?

Your first call is to test the diesel generator. A 6.5 kVA model should be enough for a refrigerator, freezer, lights, wall sockets and computers. Make sure everybody knows how to electric-start, and hand crank it. Have a spare generator starter battery handy as a backup, and a laminated, waterproof set of emergency  instructions. Will you have enough diesel fuel for it? Battery disaster planning must cover every eventuality.

Safety First During Battery Disaster Planning

battery disaster planning

September 10: National Hurricane Center: Public Domain

Electricity and water can connect through a human body, causing serious harm. Wear insulated footwear and gloves as necessary. Never run a generator or an auto battery charger in rain or with pooling water nearby.

Be careful of short-circuiting battery terminals too, especially lithium ones. Always keep the connecting points covered with electrician’s tape unless actually in use.

Make a responsible person the custodian of all batteries and electrical equipment, especially if there are little ones with you. Never take a chance with electricity during a hurricane or other extreme event. It can be better to huddle together in the dark and wait for the storm to pass if you are temporarily cut off from help.

We provide this battery disaster planning advice in good faith and with best intentions. However, we cannot cover every possibility, because we are not on the ground to assess the situation so take it at your own risk.


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