Make a Battery Holder with Erasers & Pins

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We have posted experiments on these pages involving connecting cell batteries in series. These demonstrate how electricity flows like water in pipes when connectivity is good. Today, we thought to make a more permanent battery holder with erasers and pins, and other common household materials. Moreover if you keep it somewhere safe, you could use it over and over.

Connectivity Is the Key to a Working Battery Holder

Electrical connections down wires between batteries and conductors allow electricity to flow. First, we can imagine this being like water passing through pipes. In the case of water though, we use taps and not switches to control the flow.  Then we can use a multi meter to measure the volume of electricity traveling. Of course, in the case of batteries, this slows down as they gradually run flat.

The Materials You Need to Conduct This Experiment

Today’s’ experiment shows how important it is to use good conductors, and make firm electrical connections. Without these, the battery holder will not work properly, if at all. The materials you need to make your very own battery case include:

  • Two erasers, some two-sided tape, two rubber bands, and quick drying adhesive
  • A 12-inch ruler, two straight pins, aluminum foil, and two short pieces of electrical wire
  • Two AA batteries, a small light bulb in a holder with connectors, and a pair of scissors
  • A little patience, somewhere to do your work, and an adult to watch over you for advice

Here’s how to go about making a battery holder with erasers and pins, and other common household materials.

We hope you enjoyed today’s experiment, and that everything worked out as well as the teacher showed you in the video. Please take up her suggestion to make different battery holders in other ways. We would love it if you emailed us photos of your own low-voltage electrical inventions.


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Preview Image: Commercial Battery Holder

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