Brussels Approach to Battery Research

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Brussels, Belgium is the administrative heart of the European Union. Consequently, it has inspired some remarkable projects between independent member nations. Take the Airbus initiative, for example. It took Boeing head on by manufacturing parts of aircraft in different member countries that had the skills. News just out is Europe wants to apply Brussels approach to battery research.

Brussels Approach to Battery Research – Collaboration

brussels approach to battery research

Maros Sefcovic: Katarzyna Czerwińska: CC 3.0

Maros Sefcovic, European Commission vice-president in charge of energy, has grand plans. He wants to bring the combined creative resources of European battery companies, chemical groups, and car manufacturers together.

Moreover, he has $2.6 billion in subsidies on offer to inspire collaboration. The primary focus is batteries for electric cars.

The UK and France have ambitious plans to phase out gasoline by 2040. But the European Union’s battery research has lagged behind the U.S., Japan and China. Maros Sefcovic wants to win what he sees as the ‘global battery race’.

Plans in Progress for Europe’s Coordinated Battery Approach

brussel approach to battery research

Berlaymont Building: T P Holland: CC 2.0

It thrills us to see global battery collaboration on this scale. Famous brands in battery-pack manufacture, and automotive assembly are joining hands in a research project that may furthermore turn out without parallel in the electric vehicle industry. This is breaking news indeed. with huge implications.

It is a sobering thought, but true. We need to reach out in the face of global warming across economic, political, and cultural divides. After all, we do owe it to our children to solve the current crisis. We can do this together. If we do not collaborate we are divided, the value of our efforts diminishes, and our hope may devalue. Brussels approach to battery research inspires us.


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Preview Image: European Commission Headquarters)


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