Carbon Monoxide Detector Battery Reminder

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The Adirondack Mountains are in north eastern New York state. This is a sometimes wild and lonely place producing independent-thinking people because they don’t always take to new-fangled ideas they don’t see the reason for. And if their carbon monoxide detector beeps to their mind unnecessarily, they sometimes take the batteries out.

Sweep Speaks Out Against Carbon Monoxide Detector Abuse

carbon monoxide detector

Note the Carbon: Christine Schmidt: CC 2.0

Local flue cleaner Michael McNulty is on a mission.  He told Jesse Adcock, staff writer for the Adirondack Daily Enterprise his concerns. The only reason to take the batteries out of a carbon monoxide detector is to put new batteries in.” And you should do the latter right away, he says.

“People have carbon monoxide detectors, and they go off on them sometimes,” he explains, “and then they look around and they can’t see anything wrong, and it keeps going off. Instead of calling national grid or the fire department to find out what’s happening, they take the batteries out.”

They Did It on Purpose, McNulty Explains

“It’s not a case that they did it on purpose,” he says. “This is just a misunderstanding of what’s going on.” Apparently some folk in Adirondack disable their carbon monoxide detector if it sounds and they don’t see smoke or fire. Later, they forget what they did, and this is giving chimney sweeper Michael McNulty cause for worry.

carbon monoxide detector

CO2 Blue Tooth Kit: Jeff Kubina: CC 2.0

The other day he opened the clean-out drawer on a fireplace, and it was completely blocked with carbon. His customers admitted they turned their carbon monoxide detector off because it was always beeping and this annoyed them.

This oversight is common throughout the United States. People die from carbon monoxide poisoning because it displaces air and they suffocate. Winter cold is upon us and our central heating boilers will be working hard in our basements. If Michael McNulty’s customers had lit a fire in their fireplace, they might have perished or suffered serious harm.


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Preview Image: Keene Valley in Greater Adirondack


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