Charge Your Phone Faster, Simple Tips

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We oversleep and do not have time to charge our phone completely before our flight. To make things worse, we have several calls to make to clients when we land at our destination. This could be nightmare stuff if we run out of battery power at a crucial moment in a conversation. The good news is here.  We can charge our phones faster using a few tricks you may not know. Just one thing though.  We can’t guarantee all these tips will work with you, because we don’t know your type of phone.

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charge your phone faster

USB to Phone: Marco Verch: CC 2.0

First, take your smartphone out its case and place it in an open space so cooling air can circulate around it and control internal temperature. This does not include the refrigerator. You will not charge your phone faster when the battery is hot and sweaty or shivering in the cold.

Secondly, put your phone in airplane mode so it stops chowing battery power looking for bluetooth, wi-fi, and telephony. Better still, turn it off completely so your battery benefits from all the fresh energy you are pouring in. Make sure you use the charger the phone company supplied. Batteries charge faster when they feed off the watts they expect. Finally, if you charge through a USB connection, have your computer powered up before you start.

Some Routine Stuff to Charge Your Phone Faster

charge your phone faster

Ports and Cables: Porsche 911GT2: CC 4.0

Phone batteries need a little tender care from time to time. Don’t we all appreciate a good night’s sleep? Charge your phone completely once a month, run it flat, and recharge to 90%. You cannot expect to charge your phone faster when its battery forgets its upper and lower capacity limits.

One last thing: You cannot make a clean phone-to-charger connection if the port is full of dust, fluff, yesterday’s hamburger relish and so on. Clean it out with a plastic toothpick, and you could charge your phone even faster too. Please do not use metal tools that could conduct electricity, to avoid risking a short circuit.


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