Will the Skies Over Norway Be a Little Clearer Soon?

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Norwegians have arguably the clearest vision where environmental sensibility should be heading. Some say this is because they are a tiny, landlocked nation with fingers of deep fjords reaching far inland. However, Norwegians may be inclined to say, “Because that is the way the world ought to be. We simply want our skies over Norway to be clearer and someone has to make a start”.

Transport Minister Helps Make the Skies Over Norway Cleaner

Norwegian transport minister and head of Avinor Airline took to the skies in a battery powered airplane on 18 June 2018. They want to start short-haul passenger flights by 2025. But only if the aviation industry could catch up with their dream.

Longer distance vacation flights to warmer climates from the heart of Norway’s frozen winter will take longer though. However, small is often the best option for a project to make the skies over Norway more carbon-free. “This is … a first example that we are moving fast forward toward greener aviation,” the minister explained to Reuters. “We do have to make sure it is safe. People won’t fly if they don’t trust it.”

The Electric Battery Airplane is Part of Norway’s Larger Vision

Norway is moving ahead of most other countries, and has set itself ambitious renewable targets. By May 2018, 56% of all new cars sold in Norway were either hybrids or pure electric.

Boeing and Airbus are experimenting with electric airplanes. When asked, the electric airplane pilot replied, “It should be all electric flying by 2040”. Traveling in the experimental aircraft is a novel experience by all accounts. Two persons find the 1,255 lb. vehicle cramped because of battery bulk, and the wind does buffet it.

However once in the air it is delightfully silent, dare we say as an electric dove soaring in the air. We are getting deliciously closer. What a privilege to live in these moments, and imagine the skies over Norway clearing.


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