Climate Change and the Harsh Consequences

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Evidence of climate change and the consequences it brings are already around us. The effects scientists predicted are materializing fast. They report greater loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rising, and longer, more intense heat waves. Some countries will benefit from this, while others may suffer grievously through this century and beyond.

Climate Change and the Consequences We Have Caused

climate change and the consequences

Melting Glacier Argentina: NASA: CC 2.0

Increasing temperatures, longer frost-free seasons, and changes in precipitation will threaten food security in many places.

Moreover, there is no longer any doubt that climate change and the consequences thereof are the result of human activity.

Nature is already piling it on with more droughts and heat waves than before. The sea level may rise by four feet by the end of this century as the Arctic becomes ice-free. Many of our largest cities are on the coast and rising sea levels will not help them. Our descendants will therefore not thank us for our selfish greed.

U.S. Regional Effects Predicted by NASA

climate change and the consequences

Drought in Australia: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos: GNU 1.2

Heat waves, heavy downpours, and sea level rise will pose challenges to many aspects of life in the Northeast. The Northwest will experience reduced fresh water supplies in a time of erosion, inundation, sea level rise, and risks to infrastructure.

The Southeast will have to face up to sea level rise, decreased water availability, and extreme heat challenging food sustainability. The Midwest will see many aspects of its economy under threat from extreme heat, heavy downpours, and flooding. The Southwest will not escape these challenges either, as heat, drought, and insect outbreaks spawn increasing wildfires.

What We Can Do to Mitigate These Changes?

Clearly, we have a duty on behalf of the unborn generations that will follow. Blaming humankind for this is not enough. Because humankind is you and I, and change should begin with us. On a macro level, we should lobby our politicians about climate change and the consequences our children’s children face.

On a micro level, we can achieve much by thinking green, acting responsibly, and encouraging our friends. The best time to begin would have been 70 years ago.


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Preview Image: Alamo and Whittier Fires in California 2017


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