Electric-Car Battery that Delivers 3,000 Miles

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ChemEurope convinced us ‘the ultimate electric-car battery miracle’ is on the cards. Because researchers have found a way to harness refillable flow battery technology that Prof John Cushman of Purdue University inspired. We have seen so many bright battery ideas come and go down the years. However we suspect this one might be a runner.

Revolutionary Electric-Car Battery Successfully Tested

electric-car battery

Hard Top or Dirt: Jose Moraes: CC 2.0

“The technology employs a novel type of flow battery that is being successfully tested in golf carts,” ChemEurope explains. “The jump that this technology has made in the past two years is a testament to its value. Value in changing the way we power our vehicles,” adds Prof Cushman.

Now he is a distinguished professor of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences and a professor of mathematics. So he clearly knows a thing or two. “It’s a game-changer for the next generation of electric cars because it does not require a very costly rebuild of the electric grid throughout the US.”

We Could Convert Gas Stations to Pump Electrolyte

“Instead, one could convert gas stations to pump fresh electrolyte and discard depleted electrolyte,” he continues. “And convert oil-changing facilities to anode replacing stations. Moreover, it is easier and safer to use and is more environmentally friendly than existing electric-car battery systems.”

electric-car battery

Come Rain or Shine: Frank Doyle: CC 2.0

Prof Cushman has teamed with his colleague Eric Nauman, a Prof in mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, and basic medical sciences.  They want to take their idea to market soon, and they could have winner if we peer through the hype. Their single-fluid technology oxidizes the anode to produce electrons. And through a reduction at the cathode, without using a membrane or separator

“We are at the point now where we can generate a lot of power. More power than you would ever guess could come out of a battery like this,” Prof Cushman assured ChemEurope on February 11, 2019 when he announced his breakthrough.


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