Electric Car Misunderstandings Set Right

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Geospatial World is concerned many Americans still believe gas-powered autos are better than electric cars. We feel the same way and decided to share the thoughts in their post of February 11, 2019. Everybody has their own ideas about safety, environmental responsibility, expenses, insurance, and traveling distance they say. “But the truth remains the same, electric cars are nothing like what you hear from your surroundings”. Some electric car misunderstandings are pure urban legend

Electric Car Misunderstandings about Safety and Traveling Distance

some electric car misunderstandings

No Battery Chargers Here: A Cahlenstein: CC 2.0

Electric vehicle makers test their products thoroughly. They have to and it’s the right thing to do. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA says electric car batteries explode as often as starter batteries. Therefore, it’s an extremely rare event.

The U.S Department of Transportation did a survey and discovered the average American drives approximately 40 miles a day. Electric cars with the shortest driving ranges are still able to travel twice that distance. However, if you are planning to drive for a week through the Sahara Desert then some electric car misunderstandings may yet come true for you.

Speed, Price, Environment, and Grid Load Explained

electric car misunderstandings

Electric Janitor on Duty: D Bernardini: CC 2.0

It’s totally untrue, Geospatial World explains, that electric cars lumber on like golf carts. If anything, most are faster than many gas powered cars. However it does admit they cost a tad more, although they don’t have expensive gas engines to overhaul.

Some electric car misunderstandings go as far as claiming they are not safe for the environment. How could this be possible when they don’t emit the tailpipe pollutants that contribute so heavily to global warming?

We were somewhat unsure about Geospatial claims that “People can buy millions of electric vehicles and still have the power grid unharmed. In fact, they don’t even need to build or have more power plants.” This not the situation as we understand it, although home based renewables may be able to solve the problem


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