How an Electric Shaver Battery Type Matters

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Having an electric shaver start slowing down on us can be most annoying. Especially when we are getting ready for a date, or are already late for work on a Monday morning. We can get mad as a rattlesnake and want to throw it away. But it’s not always the razor’s fault. We may have chosen the wrong electric shaver battery type when we purchased it.

What are the Main Electric Shaver Battery Types?

electric shaver battery

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There are three main kinds of batteries in electric razors. These are lithium ion (Li-Ion), nickel cadmium (Ni-CD) and nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH). Although we may have to open the box and read the small print to know which of these three electric shaver batteries is on offer.

Electric shaver manufacturers tend to market their products along sensory lines. They use cute photos of handsome people without a spot of stubble. We could add that the razor designs are mini-masterpieces themselves. Technology is definitely on the back burner here.

What Difference Does the Kind of Battery Type Make?

electric shaver battery

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We are most likely to end up with a lithium ion electric shaver battery. Because these are compact, and store a generous amount of energy.

Inexpensive electric shavers are more likely to use nickel cadmium cells. These have lower density and require more frequent charging.

Nickel metal hydride batteries are the ones to look for, although there may be a price penalty. They last considerably longer between charges. However, they take significantly more time to reach full charge again.

How to Ensure Your Electric Shaver Battery Lasts Longer

An electric shaver battery can be the most expensive component in the device. When this fails, the electric shaver may have reached the end of its life. Normal battery-life extension rules apply. Fully charge a new battery, and allow it to completely discharge once a month. Finally, do not let it overheat by leaving it endlessly charging, or on the bathroom windowsill in the hot sun where it could overheat.


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