Essential Energy Today Adds Lead to Storage

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Essential Energy Today represents Battery Council International and the International Lead Association. It promotes lead acid batteries as vital contributors to transportation, logistics, renewable energy and communications infrastructure. Moreover, Market Insider says it claims the technology is an essential part of the success of alternative energy.

Huge Spike in Energy Demand Predicted

essential energy today

Energy Efficiency: Fred the Oyster: CC 4.0

Essential Energy Today predicts global energy demand will leap by 30% between 2020 and 2040. It equates this to “adding the power needs of another China and India to our planet”. It believes this additional energy must come from renewable resources with assistance from lead too.

This makes energy storage the center of attention once again today. Essential Energy Today presses for a robust mix of energy storage technologies. “We believe that lead-acid batteries are an essential part of that mix,” it says. “Especially when we consider their performance, cost, scalability, sustainability, safety and reliability” which has stood the test of time.

Having alternatives makes sense to us in terms of a sustainable energy future. Because history teaches us how careless it is to rely on a single solution for everything. Essential Energy Today sees lead as the preferred counterpart to lithium and other emerging technologies, and has convincing reasons for saying so.

The Greatest Strengths of Lead-Acid Technology

essential energy today

Marine Turbines, Scotland: GreenWikiGuys: CC 4.0

Essential Energy Today claims lead acid batteries are the most recycled consumer product in the world. This makes the electrode material far more secure than any other resource.

Moreover, the technology already “safeguards vital communications, power transportation and logistical networks that fuel our economy. And supports the backup power systems that protect life, investments, and data in an emergency, ” Essential Energy adds.

However, lead acid battery’s long history of dependable, reliable service in every country in the world is the decisive factor. So yes, we need it for our essential energy today, and it seems for tomorrow too.


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