What Exactly Is A Green Roof?

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On this week’s dose of environmentally friendly initiatives, we’d like to open a discussion and provide an explanation for the ever famous green roofs! To start off, we’d like to define them:


What Exactly Is A Green Roof?

green roof

GreenRoofs Toronto. CC By Wikimedia Commons

A green roof system is a layer on the per-existing roof of a building which includes  high quality water-proofing, root repellent system, drainage system, and of course, plants. Green roofs can be already assembled and ready to set down on a roof but sometimes they can also be broken apart and require Manuel assembling of all parties. They are environmentally-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and provide a peace of mind! Keep reading for more detailed benefits of green roofs!

What Are Its Benefits?

Firstly, the Public Benefits:

  • Aesthetically pleasing designs that increase the value of the buildings and provide more investing opportunities!
  • Potentially help to reduce waste and diverting it from going into landfills
  • Storing water from storms to help run the building: In summer, green roofs can retain 70-90% of the precipitation that falls on them. In winter, green roofs can retain between 25-40% of the precipitation that falls on them.
  • The plants on the green roof will help improve air quality for the public
  • Creates jobs locally!

Secondly, Private Benefits:

  • Green roofs are efficient when it comes to energy as it can reduce the daily energy demand for air conditioning in the summer by over 75% (Liu 2003).
  • They are great for noise reduction so you will never hear your neighbor’s rowdy party when you’re trying to sleep!

And at last, the Design benefits:

  • Increased biodiversity as green roofs can grow a variety of different plants that provide homes for a variety of species.
  • Green roofs help provide education opportunities as they are so beautiful and interesting to learn about!
  • They also help reduce pollution thereby increasing the well being of the residents and the public.

There are many other benefits for green roofs so please share with us what you think we should have discussed!

Well, that’s it for today’s post! Thank you for reading, keep an out for our next post discussing a specific  Canadian green roof organizarti0n!

Thank you for reading, share your comments with us in the post below!


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