Flow Batteries Supplying Lamphun Province

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Lamphun Province is in the northwest quadrant of Thailand, in a mountainous area far from the ocean. Moreover, it is also some 400 miles from Bangkok. Therefore this effectively cuts it off from electricity, electronics and all the wonders they bring. Take the tiny village of Ban Pha Dan for example. Recent news reveals it now has flow batteries supplying its electricity needs.

Minister Inspects the Flow Batteries Supplying Hope

flow batteries supplying

Mae Ping National Park: Piyabongkarn: CC 3.0

Dr Siri Jirapongphan visited Ban Pha Dan to inspect the new micro grid and energy storage system recently. Until now, it has had no electricity because rules do not allow grid pylons through the wildlife reserve surrounding it.

The contractor responsible for the work explained the advantages of flow batteries supplying the much-needed electricity. “This solar-powered micro grid with energy storage flow batteries shows how to provide environmentally-friendly energy,” he said. Moreover, remote communities like this don’t have to bear the pollution and cost of diesel generators.

Our Future Vision for the People of Ban Pha Dan

The people living in the remote community now have energy for lighting, refrigeration and water pumps. This will significantly improve the quality of their lives. However it also introduces the possibility of an internet of knowledge, something we take for granted.

flow batteries supplying

Rural Lamphun Province: Dong Dam: CC 3.0

The Ban Pha Dan project is part of a broader plan to develop renewable energy resources in remote mountain villages.  Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha approved Thailand’s Power Development Plan in January 2019. This prioritizes the rollout of renewable energy sources for the period 2018 to 2037.

The energy storage comprises ten, 10kWh bromine flow batteries, plus three lithium ones. The flow batteries power the school, town hall, and temple. While the lithium batteries power individual houses. This is possible because they consume only one-fortieth of the energy the average American needs to get by.


Water Flow Analogy of Electricity

A Brief History of Flow Batteries

Preview Image: Ping River Flowing Through Lamphun Province


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