Forever Batteries Wirelessly Powered, How?

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Much of the stuff we see aired at the CES Expo comes and goes like dandelion seed in the wind. Or should we say the wannabe starlets that show a leg in a Las Vegas cabaret. The few that do make it into the future, give little away, if at all. Ossia’s Cota Forever Batteries are playing their cards under the table, as if they are superbly confident they got it right.

So These Forever Batteries Pack a Permanent Punch?

No not at all. However, Cota may have taken wireless energy transmission to new heights for Ossia to bring to market. In simple terms, they have an energy transmitter that locks onto enabled devices to keep their AA batteries fully charged.

Sort of like a Wi-Fi they coyly say, but that’s as good as it gets in terms of briefing. However, it would be great if we could stop burying primary and secondary batteries forever by implementing this:

Ossia has a mission to apply wireless power technology to everyday products. Because it wants to prevent the US alone dumping over 3 billion small batteries every year.

So is Seamless Retrofitting of Devices Within Reach?

Moreover Ossia says it can retrofit devices to “receive real wireless power without plugs, wires, or charging pads”. Cota technology enables it to simultaneously power “multiple Forever Batteries without line of sight, at a distance.”

Thus this introduces exciting possibilities in business. Restaurants and department stores could add this to their Wi-Fi offering to discriminate further by showing they care. Ossia adds an intriguing throwaway to their press release. “Additionally, by adding power and data capabilities, Forever Batteries transform ‘dumb’ devices into smart devices. This allows millions of already-deployed devices to be integrated into the Internet of Things.

“Forever Batteries enable the user to monitor and partially control that device from the Cota Cloud web platform or mobile app. Forever Batteries bridge the gap between the battery-wire age and the wireless power era,” CEO Mario Obeidat says.


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