Galaxy Note 9 Rushes to Market, But Is It Safe?

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We can’t help blinking twice when Samsung rushes a next gen Galaxy to market. They had a universe of problems with their Galaxy Note 7, which some say lacked the Samsung quality we are accustomed to. However, Note 8 largely made it up to their adoring fans with a telephoto lens and connectivity to computer-type peripherals. Since Galaxy Note 9 still has a lithium-ion battery, we have a duty to ask, “is it safe”?

Galaxy Note 9 Completely Safe, Says CEO DJ Koh

Gadgets 360 confirms Koh promised Korean media that Samsung engineers are confident. “The battery in the Galaxy Note 9 is safer than ever. Users do not have to worry about the batteries anymore,” he assured the conference.

The specification is impressive, with 4,000-mAh capacity promising long battery life. In fact, it is the most powerful Samsung phone ever produced. Note 9 features a bluetooth pen enabling remote control of camera, slideshow, and YouTube videos. The RAM is impressive too, with 6GB for the 128 GB, and 8 GB for the 512 GB variant. Additionally, the Bixby intelligent interface allows voice control for faster operation.

Federal Communications Commission Accepts Galaxy Note 9

The new smartphone is though the regulatory hoop, although the agency’s remit does not include technical safety. New York Post relies on a more commonsense approach to the likelihood of a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 catching fire.

It argues, “Samsung can’t afford a similar battery safety scandal and has implemented several new policies to help ensure it doesn’t make the same mistake twice.” However, Samsung is once again rushing to market to create space from a competitor, this time Apple’s incoming iPhone X models.

We hope everything goes well after the launch, and that Samsung succeeds in avoiding another battery scandal.


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