What Is A Gel Battery?

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A gel battery, also known as a “Gel Cell”, is a VRLA (valve-regulated lead–acid ) battery, a type of Sealed Acid Battery. The technology used in making gel cells is similar to AGM batteries. However, instead of utilizing the Absorbent Glass Material that AGM batteries use, gel batteries make use of gelled electrolytes. The solidified electrolytes reduce the risk of spillage and evaporation that results in corrosion problems.

Compared to ordinary batteries, gel batteries are much lighter. This technology only uses a small amount of solidified electrolyte to keep the acid immobile. Gel batteries have longer lifespan than traditional batteries; this is due to the fact that the gelled solution can hold their charge for a longer time. This battery type is also durable and can withstand extreme ranges in temperature.

Common Use

Gel cells are commonly used in cell phones, camcorders, motorcycles and marine equipments. It is also used in high-end cars. Because of its low maintenance feature, users do not have to regularly add water to the battery in making sure that the electrolyte levels are normal. A gel car battery has less acid than common deep-cycle car batteries. With the electrolyte solution transformed into gel, it is almost impossible to spill the content, preventing any of the acids seeping out.

Caring For Your Gel Battery

There are certain restrictions when charging a gel battery. In order to prevent excess gas from forming inside the cells, the user will have to charge them at a slower rate. These batteries must be charged at a lower voltage to prevent overcharging. Overcharging gel batteries may cause it to be permanently porous and this will affect the battery’s life span.


  • Low-maintenance
  • Less chance of spilling the acid
  • Lighter than ordinary batteries
  • Can be used in cold weather


  • More expensive compared to other battery types
  • Slower charging rate and voltage than ordinary batteries

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