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Ever heard of green walls? No, not the green-color painted walls but the environmentally-friendly, air fresheners and brothers to green roofs. In our final part of posts about green architecture, we will be discussing the 3 different types of eco-green walls!

eco-green walls

Green Walls. CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Green Facades

Green facades are a particular type of green wall that is made up of vines and/or climbing plants that are strategically grown on pre-existing walls or on freestanding structures. They are mostly outdoors and provide for really beautiful scenery!

Living Walls

These living walls can be bio walls, vertical gardens, or modern green walls. These walls can carry a more diverse species of plants and vegetation than Green Facades and they can also exist outdoors and indoors. Check out the video below for a basic tutorial on making a green wall:

Retaining Living Walls

Retaining living walls are designed to stabilize slopes and to fight  against soil erosion while also carrying vegetation. They are often made of geo-textile bags and it is meant to conceal the structure it grows on so a proper and mature retaining living wall does not reveal the structure beneath it.


Similarly to green roofs, green walls have public, private and design benefits. In this post we’ve listed two benefits specific to each category:

For The Public Benefits:

  • Reduction of Urban heat island effect which means more natural cooling systems  in the urban cities.
  • Local job creation!

For The Private Benefits:

  • For indoor walls, the air quality is improved through them
  • They are great for surrounding noise reduction

& For The Design benefits:

  • Increased biodiversity as different types of green walls can carry and grow many types of plants.
  • They also help reduce pollution thereby increasing the well being of the residents and the public.

Thank you for coming along our journey through some of the most prominent green architecture! We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and make sure to let us know what you’d like us to discuss next!

For more information on Green walls: https://greenroofs.org/about-green-walls/


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