Growing Climate Change and Inequality Chasm

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Jennifer Morgan and Sharan Burrow want the Davos “elite” to change the rules of the global economy. Because they want it to benefit the people and the planet alike, instead of causing rising inequality and climate disruption. The global climate change and inequality chasm is causing more and more extreme weather. While the richest 1% pocket 82% of new wealth.

Half the World Is a Step Away from Destitution

The authors of the report writing in Aljazeera say that half the world population is one medical bill away from impoverishment. One crop failure caused by growing climate change could have a similar effect.

The two crises are “interlinked” they say. This is because the richest 10% of global citizens cause almost half all carbon emissions through their consumption patterns. They don’t seem inspired to change this reality any time soon. To ‘add insult to injury’ the marginalized poor are “most at risk from the devastating effects of climate change”.

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Addressing Inequality and Growing Climate Change

Jennifer Morgan and Sharan Burrow believe we could do this simultaneously, by changing the rules of the world economy to benefit both. They want to inspire a mass global movement to insist world leaders do this at Davos.

However, whether their Davos “Elite” will agree to do so is probably unlikely in the light of the uptick of nationalism. Moreover, the current trade war may be reducing the amount of money available to finance this. The latest report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says we are 12 years away from a climate emergency.

We appear to be at an impasse as we seek ways to tackle the global climate change and inequality chasm. Thailand has seen its worst storm in 30 years, while to the east of Davos hotels are buried under snow. It would be great if the Davos conference agreed a working way forward. Alas, we fear this may be unlikely in the current international political climate.


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