Hard Climate Change, Hard Brexit Perhaps

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Never do a thing today if you can leave it until tomorrow, would not make a bad byline for climate change in some government quarters. Something similar has been happening in the Dis-United Kingdom of Britain. They could be up to a bad Brexit owing to delaying things too long. This set us to wondering what a hard climate change would be like if we don’t do something soon.

Would a Hard Climate Change Mean Feeding the Pets Insects?

hard climate change

I’ll Eat You Up Too: Fir0002/Flagstaffotos: GFDL v1.2

“Do you fret your pet pooch is blamed by environmentalists for turning rain forests into poo in the park?” asks Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst. He says have no fear though. That’s because a pet food company claims its products are 40% soldier flies.

The ‘beef’ behind this – pardon the word – is cattle that become pet food feed on soya. And soya, believe it or not releases greenhouse gases in significant volumes as do cows too. That should warm the hearts of our leaders who still believe global warming is a natural phenomenon. Roger Harrabin decided to find out whether feeding soldier flies to pets is an inevitable outcome of a hard climate change.

Well the Flies Could Be Nutritious, A Pet Diet Expert Confirms

hard climate change

Mopane Worms with Onions: ComQuat: CC 3.0

We would need more research though, says Aarti Kathrani of Royal Veterinary College. Soldier flies are more efficient because they use less water and land than cattle. But there’s a catch because pet food contains offal, not meat.

So we would not reduce any greenhouse gases that way, unless we dined off the offal ourselves instead. A hard climate change is beginning to look like something we should avoid. Perhaps we should knuckle down and reduce emissions before our pets share their dinners with us instead.

We wrote this post in jest but based it on truth. Let’s come to terms with reality as it is, and avoid a hard climate change while we have time.


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