Household Battery Storage Get the Facts

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It is impossible to get our household battery storage 100% in balance. We may have less sun in winter, and stronger winds blowing in some winter months. Hence, there will be times when we are producing more electricity than we need – and others when we have to import some from the grid. In this regard, our batteries become our friends indeed.

The Dual Role of Household Battery Storage

household battery storage

Home Solar Schematic: KVDP (talk): Public Domain

The prime purpose of household battery storage is to accumulate our green energy until we need it. Mother Nature ensures this comes in at an uneven rate, which a good battery smooths out. We pass the DC power through a voltage inverter regulator when we need it, so it comes out the other end as 110 volts AC.

The smart batteries we use have capability to export the surplus to the power utility grid. The supplier credits us by offsetting the value on our electricity bills.

A proper system should manufacture more electricity than we need on average. In time, the income it generates should cover the capital outlay.

The Importance of Optimizing Export Value

household battery storage

Home Solar Installation: KVDP (talk): Public Domain

We need an agile household battery storage system that recognizes when the battery is full. In this way, we can ensure it cuts to export mode the instant we have a surplus we can sell.

After all, we are in business as an electricity producer, and the government insists the grid must favor us.

If the battery control system were to let us down, we could accidentally import energy from the grid and store in our batteries. Or even export electricity to the grid when we should be recharging our own system.

Smart Systems are Kind to Batteries

Batteries are a major cost item in a green electricity generating, and household battery storage installation. Hence, we must ensure the controller does not overwork our batteries when charging and discharging. These are some of the important aspects to consider, when choosing among the various service providers on offer.


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