How to Keep Android Going Longer

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There is a pile of stuff out there on the internet about preserving smartphone battery life. And this has become increasingly essential as the devices worm their way into every aspect of our lives. “Have you seen where I put Android down” has become a common household complaint as they assume the status of family pets. In fact, how to keep Android going longer is starting to clog the upper ranks of Google battery searches.

How to Keep Android Going Longer: Battery Basics

how to keep android going longer

Android Version Usage: Calvin Hogg: CC 4.0

Well that is the obvious place to start. If your phone goes down after an hour, the cause may not be operator error after all. Perhaps you have an older phone with low battery capacity. Alternatively, you may have simply given it a stressful life and it is time to start all over.

It is an urban legend that replacement Android lithium batteries are prohibitively expensive. Any number of web stores sell them, and you may be surprised at how low a price. Hence knowing how to keep Android going longer starts with getting back to battery basics.

A Little More Advanced: Using Battery Saver Selectively

how to keep android going longer

Android Architecture: Smieh: CC 3.0

If you root around your settings, and maybe search for ‘bat’ you should come across this option. It reduces Android’s performance by suppressing vibration and location services.

Depending on your device, you may also not receive email and messaging updates because it is unable to sync.

Thus knowing how to keep Android going longer this way definitely has two sides to it. It’s okay though, if you just want to be able to make and receive calls (the core intention), and have other very basic facilities.

However if you can’t live without your updates, you can still extend your lithium battery life a little by turning your location setting down from ‘high’ to ‘battery saving mode’. We’ll be back on another occasion with more simple tips about how to keep Android going longer.


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