HP Says You Should Cut Down Trees To Survive

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According to the printer giant, HP, printing more will help save the environment. In fact, Enrique Lores, president of the company’s printing business told journalists that printing is a “very environmentally friendly technology.” Lores claims that the paper they use to print is not coming from the forest in the Amazon, but it comes from the trees that were planted to become paper.

This way of thinking looks at using more paper in a very generic sense, in that using more paper requires planting more trees, and this leads to more carbon dioxide being absorbed in the air. This is a concept known as sustainable forestry.

If we want to see more trees on the planet, then what we need to do is print more. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which certifies the sustainability of forests where HP and other large corporations source wood, has increased support among industry groups. They also have support from Greenpeace. In order to meet the required FSC criteria, forest managers must show that their land is ecologically sound and that it complies with conservation laws, and other such regulations.

Certified Sustainable forests:

However, some point to the inherent flaws in the practice of voluntarily certifying a forest as sustainable. FSC’s very own co-founder, Simon Counsell has described the organization’s certifications as meaningless and corrupted by bad inspectors and government officials with personal agendas.beer supplies

He argues that the best way to stop trees is to stop printing, and thinks there should be a stronger regulation of how forests are used so that the supply of wood products is restricted. This will increase the price of wood based products and people will choose to waste less.

HP is also looking to recycle ink cartridges, and has a new project to buy plastic from discarded bottles in Haiti. The company will help provide education and job training to children who look for recyclable bottles at the landfill near the Haitian capital of Port-Au-Prince.

Current Culture of Printing:

The technological era has driven down the demand for print and ink. Schools are using electronic versions of text to facilitate learning, as well as more tactile practical aids. Apps are able to serve as ink on paper, so the culture of printing has greatly shifted from necessity to option. But HP’s print business has seen growth for the first time since 2011. They are heavily investing in products like smartphone-sized sprocket printer to print out Instagram photos on the go, and other consumer products.


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