Industrial Battery Maintenance Tips for Long Life Performance

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Heavy-duty industrial batteries in forklifts, mobile plant, and other industrial applications require topping up (unlike our sealed deep cycle lead-acid ones ideal for lighter duties). The industrial battery maintenance tasks we refer to are essential in order to ensure faithful service and longer life. The two main chores are topping up the electrolyte, and recharging the batteries correctly. Here we provide some basic tips for doing so.

Adding Electrolyte during Industrial Battery Maintenance

industrial battery maintenance

Forklift Service: US Navy: CC 2.0

The electrolyte in the battery cells comprises a solution of sulfuric acid and pure water, plus additives. Some of this water evaporates through vent holes while the battery delivers power, affecting the chemical balance in the electrolyte.

Add water regularly to the electrolyte for optimum performance and battery life. Never overfill the battery during this industrial battery maintenance chore.

If you do, you will over-correct the chemical balance but there is more to come. Next time you charge the battery the electrolyte will overflow. This is corrosive and can damage equipment components. Moreover, it could create a short circuit between the terminals.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Recharging Industrial Batteries

industrial battery maintenance

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If you allow a battery to discharge below the design level, you could damage it and shorten its life. Regular recharging is hence an essential part of industrial battery maintenance.

Each time you do so, you reduce the number of remaining recycles. Therefore, always recharge a battery fully using a hydrometer to check the level of charge.

Industrial batteries vent highly flammable hydrogen gas while charging. Keep flames, sparks, and metallic objects away from the battery top. Remember to wear protective clothing, especially safety goggles and protective gloves. Do not disconnect the battery before turning the charger off to avoid the risk of shorting terminals.

Remember to allow the battery to return to normal temperature before reconnecting it to the vehicle. Regular industrial battery maintenance will reward you handsomely in the long run when you complete these simple maintenance tasks.


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