Jaguar Vector Electric Powerboat Touches 88.6mph

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The Jaguar motor company has a proud heritage of fine sports cars and luxury sedans. It almost fell victim to the British motor manufacturing industry collapse in the 1960’s. Then several other motoring brands had a hand in Jaguar, airbrushing away some its trad British features in the process. It has made something of a comeback since Tata took it over. The Jaguar Vector electric powerboat is part of a program to recover the old Jaguar magic.

The Jaguar Vector Electric Powerboat and Jaguar’s Electric Future

Jaguar has spun away from tradition by announcing it will “stop launching new vehicles with combustible engines after 2020. And focus on producing fully electric or hybrid vehicles instead.” These include the Jaguar Vector electric powerboat V20E produced in partnership with Vector and Williams Advanced Engineering.

The new watercraft features twin electric motors punching power from two 320kg, 220kW high voltage marine batteries. Details of their chemical composition are under wraps. Although we should not be surprised to find some lithium ions there. On Friday 15 June 2018, the engineers released this awesome power on Coniston Water that has seen many water speed records fall.

Everything Came Together That Day on Coniston Water

The chosen lake is five miles long by a half-mile wide. It nestles in a deep u-shaped valley scoured by glaciers, and sheltered by volcanic and limestone rocks. The day was perfect with hardly a ripple on the water visible. There was also a good omen from the past.

In 1939, Sir Donald Campbell established a world water-speed record with a combustion engine on The Water. The Jaguar Vector electric powerboat responded superbly on its day too, achieving 88.6 mph on the second run.

“After 12 months of hard work,” the CEO enthused. “This is a fantastic result for the team and our partners. And a great first step in bringing the power and versatility of electrification to the marine industry. Moreover it is a great honor for the Vector team to follow in the footsteps of Donald Campbell CBE. And to set another world record on the historic Coniston Water.”


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Preview Image: Coniston Water Viewed from a Kyak

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