Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Cooler Longer

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A mobile phone is a small containment with energy inside. If everything goes according to plan, it will warm slightly during use and a bit more when charging. If it gets seriously hot and you smell sweet bubble gum, put it in a safe place and get help. You should be able to keep your mobile phone battery longer if you follow this advice by a mobile phone battery shop on Articles for Website.

Charge Correctly: Keep Your Mobile Phone Battery Longer

Mobile phones have a high degree of sophistication packed into a small case. Manufacturers specify particular batteries to optimize performance. Maintain that technical balance by buying a new one from a reputable supplier with the same specification.

Continue with the same theme by always using the original phone charger, or an identical replacement. Power fluctuates from poor quality chargers. You could damage your battery, or it could even catch fire from a serious spike. Overheating a lithium battery is a bad idea. So too is overcharging which can generate dendrites leading to a short circuit. Play it safe, never charge above 90% after the first cycle.

More Common Sense Battery Tips Easy to Apply

You could keep your mobile phone battery longer than most of your friends if you prevent it from getting hot. Your greatest risk is while charging. Remove the phone back cover if you can when you do so. Then the extra heat can escape into the air.

Take a break if you feel your phone becoming over warm in high-energy applications like playing games. Never leave your device on the car dashboard, or any other place under direct sunlight. Finally, do please take care not to damage the battery. If it leaks and contacts an electric element inside the case, KABOOM that’s the end of your phone.

Make a routine out of taking the battery cover off once a week to check for signs of battery swelling. If in any doubt, consult a specialist. We provide this advice in good faith. Take care out there.


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