The New Leap Motor Electric Car from China

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Only the other day we were wondering whether China would win the electric car race. But their vehicles were surely too old-fashioned to seize the world’s imagination. Or so we thought. We changed our minds when we learned the prototype Leap Motor electric coupe reaches 60 mph in 6,9 seconds, and has a maximum range of 225 miles. Moreover, at the guideline price of US$30,225, the new car is within range of consumers too.

The Brains Behind Leap Motor

We took it upon ourselves to find out the brains behind the Leap Motor. Our research was slow at first, because we had to decide which pages to translate from Chinese script. We learned Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co launched its Leap Motor brand on March 19, 2017. The parent company is a leading provider of global video surveillance with 13,000 employees worldwide, and a compound annual growth rate of 47.67%. See here for some stunning photos of what’s in store.

Nonetheless, an electric car is a bold step forward, despite all this prosperity for Zhu Jiangming, its chairperson and founder . The name Leap Motor comes from ‘Ling Pao’ in Chinese meaning ‘zero to leap’. At the new energy vehicle show launch in Jinhua, Zhu Jiangming said his mission is to capitalize on the transition from gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles. “Zero emissions is another reason why our new brand is called “Ling Pao,” he explains.

More Wise Words from the Leap Motor Founder

“The auto industry is still not the most competitive industry, and the market share of Chinese brands is still far behind that of foreign brands,” Zhu continues. “Traditional car makers are constrained by their old models relying on core technologies in chassis, engine and transmission. We can see things with different eyes and new technologies now.”

Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co. is developing a factory able to make 50,000 electric vehicles annually. The debut Leap Motor electric car model, the LP-SO1 coupe makes its first public appearance today. An electric sedan is on schedule for 2018 on a date still under wraps. The LP-SO1 has its battery under the floor. This powers a 270 hp (6,500 Nm) electric motor weighing in at just 209 pounds and thus saving large amounts of energy.


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Preview Image: Leap Motor LP SO1

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