Make Laptop and Phone Batteries Last Longer

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The performance demands we place on them, make laptop and phone batteries die sooner than they otherwise would. In fact, it’s not true at all there’s a conspiracy between lithium-ion battery and device manufacturers. They say they are simply pandering to our vanity. However, we bring you news you can ‘have your cake and eat it’ to an extent this Christmas using these tips.

What You May Not Know About Battery Cycles

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The people who make laptop and phone batteries hope to squeeze sufficient performance from them to complete 300 to 500 cycles. A single cycle drains the battery completely and then brings it back up to full charge.

Therefore it follows a 50% drain followed by a 50% charge is a half cycle. But there is a catch, because any length cycle reduces the battery’s life by a similar amount. The best place to start figuring your own situation is visiting your device settings. Pay special attention to your hibernation ones. You don’t want to fully drain your battery before these kick in.

More Ways to Make Laptop and Phone Batteries Last Longer

Next, take a tour of your apps and quit any running in the background. Sure it’s a pain having to restart all the time, so it’s okay to ‘cheat’ with your frequently-used ones. However, do install the Windows 10 ‘battery saver’. This kicks in as soon as your battery is down to its last 20%.

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Resetting battery limits became an urban legend when technology improved. You actually do more damage to lithium batteries by running them completely flat. Digital Trends recommends rather playing it safe, by recharging when you reach the 20%. However, nowadays you can recharge to the full 100% because at that point the battery stops charging.

One final remark: Keep your device software up to date. Benefit from ongoing tweaks that make laptop and phone batteries last just a little longer.


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