Planet Earth Warming: Is This For Real?

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This one’s for smart kids because you are our future. Let’s play a game and pretend we never heard about planet Earth warming before. That means we have to forget what our parents and some world leaders appear to be ignoring. If we wanted to know for sure that this warming is happening, we would need answers to two questions. These two questions are “is the Earth warming or not” and “if so, what’s the main cause?”

The Two Factors Causing Planet Earth Warming If it is True

Let’s imagine we leave a glass of water in sunlight. Energy from the sun will warm the water, although the shiny glass will reflect some heat away. During daytime Earth absorbs energy from the sun. At night, it radiates some of that heat back into space.

There are several types of solar energy arriving in daytime. So we have ultraviolet, visible and infrared bombarding the Earth. The atmosphere acts as a partial barrier preventing planet Earth warming spinning out of control. Our world is getting hotter because the balance between absorption and radiation is going the  wrong way.  We already know our summers are getting hotter. We need to know why.

How Can We Be Sure Earth is Getting Hotter

Summers are Getting Hotter Because the Atmosphere Has Changed

The atmosphere (upper air) around the earth contains gases that allow heat from the sun to radiate away at night. These worked fine until we started pumping carbon dioxide into it, by using fossil fuels to make electricity and to power our autos.

It’s dead simple to fix this problem. We just need to cut over to solar and wind power for electricity, and electric cars for transport. The only problem is if we ask an adult they have a thousand reasons why we can’t do this. We have Planet Earth warming kids, and grownups seem unable to solve the problem.

The future is 100% in your hands. Grownups put us in this mess. Only kids can get us out of it. Are you up to making this happen?


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