Planting Wind Turbines On the Ocean Floor

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Did you ever wonder how they plant wind turbines on the ocean floor? Really big ones higher than a ten-story building. Well you could try to float them out, but they would be unstable in the wind. And where would you find a crane tall enough to plant them when you got there? Marine engineers have a novel way of settling wind turbines on the ocean floor, and you won’t need sky hooks either.

Making Progress with Planting Wind Turbines at Beatrice

The UK Government is slowly closing down the Beatrice Oil Field as it nears the end of its productive life. They are replacing it with 84, five-megawatt wind turbines off shore, which will power 450,000 homes. This is an evaluation project to supply the power to the grid via giant batteries.

However, the site is within the inner waters of the Moray Firth in Scotland. The giant inlet is a special protection area and a place of great wild beauty too. It is one of the most important places for spotting whales and dolphins in the country. There can be no question of building a wind turbine factory nearby. Everything for the wind power will have to come by ship.

Watch the Pacific Orca Planting Wind Turbines on the Sea Bed

This is a major project set to become one of the deepest offshore wind farms in the world. Construction began in April 2017 involving preparing jacket foundations on the ocean floor. Now the heavy lifting part follows. Planting wind turbines on the ocean floor with that amazing ship you saw in the time-lapse video.

First, they make the turbine parts at a remote location. Next, they bring them on the Pacific Orca ship to a point above the seabed. Then the giant vessel rises up on ‘stilts’ until the crane is high enough above the water. Each turbine weighs about 1,000 tons. The system will be complete, connected up and generating electricity by the end of 2019.


Understanding Capacity Factor of Wind Farms

Semi-Truck-Size Battery for Wind Farms

Preview Image: Building Wind Turbines for Beatrice Wind Farm

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