Portable Solar Power For the World!

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While researching household battery storage recently, we became fascinated by portable solar-battery power. We realized they are the best transportable electricity solution ever and decided to write a blog post.. First came batteries, which enabled us to store electricity until we needed it. And then subsequently, humans invented portable solar power panels. This opens up so many opportunities.

How Portable Solar Power Goes With Campers on Vacation

Many Americans long for the call of the wild. They respond to it by visiting one of fifty-nine U.S. National Parks. Some overnight in recreational vehicles or in tented campgrounds. The more intrepid ones hit minor roads, and find themselves a peaceful place to call their own.

Being completely off-grid in nature can be an exhilarating experience. We can chat around the campfire while we chill our favorite beverage in the stream. If we have our portable solar power and batteries fully charged in daytime, we could enjoy ice-cold bubbly from our solar-power cooler box that night.

Role of Portable Solar Power and Batteries in Disasters

We have become dependent on electricity for almost every aspect of our lifestyle. We plunge into darkness, when the grid fails at night. Unless, of course, we have our household battery storage in place, that is.

portable solar power

Renewable Fridge: Ryo Chijiiwa: CC 2.0

Much infrastructure collapses in the path of hurricanes. However, we may be able to restart our lives with small solar-power equipment when they pass. This can provide essential services like keeping fresh protein chilled, and essential medicine cool.

Three Bell Laboratory technicians, D.M. Chapin, C.S. Fuller and G.L. Pearson found a way to make electricity from sunlight in 1954. They could have had no idea how their silicon-b cells would go on to revolutionize our world. We find it hard to imagine a world without portable solar power and our batteries. Could you imagine one?


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Preview Image: Eco Camper

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