Powerwalls Made from Old Laptop Batteries

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Elon Musk’s Powerwall home-energy storage system introduced us to a new direction. It enabled us to store sufficient electricity to power our home essentials during a grid failure. Moreover, we might even become completely independent if we had three of them. Independent thinkers are collaborating around the world to build powerwalls made from old laptop batteries. To some this makes a deal more sense.

Independent Powerwalls Made from Old Laptop Batteries

Americans are turning to renewables for a variety of reasons. Many feel a sense of obligation to do something personal about global warming. Others hope to reduce their energy bills while being able to cope in an energy crisis. Still others may be following a dream of living off-grid permanently.

The original Tesla Powerwall cost $3,000 ex supplier, and had a 10 kWh capacity. This is around a third of what the average American household needs. Powerwall 2 has double the kilowatt-hours, but the cost including installation can be as high as $11,450 per Business Insider. This is outside of many people’s reach, especially because it does not come in smaller modules.

Motherboard.Vice interviewed several hobbyists who believe they can do one better than Tesla Powerwall. They are recovering cells from old laptop lithium batteries and cobbling them into battery sets. One, an Australian named Peter Matthews is storing 40 kWh of electricity from 40 solar panels on his roof. He thinks powerwalls made from old laptop batteries are the future.

Bridge Too Far … Where Do The Used Batteries Come From?

Pioneer Jehu Garcia from California dreams of building a 1,000 kWh set to power a recycling facility. We hope he does, but wonder where he will lay his hands on sufficient used, but reusable cells. And there, we fear, this flash of brilliance could end for now. We may have to hold back on large powerwalls made from old laptop batteries for a while. Until we find a way to build cheaper, renewable lithium cells so we can use them new, for DIY powerwalls.


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