How to change the batteries in a Lobster Elite Tennis Ball Machine

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A battery change in a Lobster Elite Ball Machine is easy! All you need is a philips screwdriver and five minutes. You can get the new battery here:

In Canada: Lobster Elite Series Tennis Ball Machine Battery

The battery comes with the correct terminals needed to hook up to the Lobster Elite Tennis Ball Machine.

Lobster Elite Ball Machine Battery Replacement

Like we said this is really easy, and we have a stunner video after we describe the procedure. Before we start, remove the hopper that holds the tennis balls, and make sure the switch is in the off-position. Very importantly, double check you unplugged the charger from utility power (the wall).

  • Remove the six securing screws around the case and prize it off
  • Rest the cover in a way that gives you access to the battery
  • Remove the black power cable, and then the red to avoid a spark
  • Remove the velcro strap, and then the battery it holds in place
  • Put the old battery aside, and diarize to hand it in for recycling
  • Place the new battery in position so the lugs face towards the back
  • Replace the velcro strap making sure the battery cannot move
  • Reconnect the black power cable, and then the red to avoid a spark
  • Replace the cover and secure with the six holding screws
  • Turn the switch to the on position and check the panel lights up
  • Connect the charger to the household supply and fully charge

A Great Little Video of the Lobster Battery Change Procedure

How to Get the Most Life from Your New Sealed Lead-Acid Battery

Lead-Acid batteries are not smart devices. Since they do not have memories like lithium-ion ones, they like charging to the maximum, and storing in that condition. When mothballed for more than a few weeks, disconnect the battery cables to prevent a gradual discharge. To get most life from your Lobster Elite Ball Machine battery, recharge to full after each use.


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