What Samsung Says re Galaxy 7

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Samsung went to great lengths to recover the moral high ground at its conference. But behind the graphs, and charts and videos two surprisingly simple mistakes emerged. First the battery cases of one version were too small. Samsung says this bent the negative electrode in the top right corner of the battery.

In the second version an abnormal weld spot produced an internal short circuit. Again, this ought not to have happened in the precise world of robotics. Had the manufacturer remembered the insulation tape this too might have been avoidable.

Samsung Says It Conducted a Thorough Investigation

samsung says

A Samsung Store in Philipines: Hans Olav Lien: CC 3.0

Samsung probably carried out the most comprehensive faultfinding study ever. Approximately 700 engineers tested charges and discharges in 30,000 batteries, and 200,000 devices.

However it did not disclose how many fires and explosions resulted at factories in South Korea, China and Vietnam. It also did not confirm precisely how many phones are still in use.

Wireless Carrier Verizon Moves to Protect Its Users

samsung says

Verizon Store in U.S.: Verizon: CC 2.0

While Samsung says it has done everything it can to recover the situation, Verizon believes this is still not under adequate control.

It believes ‘thousands’ of its users are still using their Note 7’s, and that this poses ‘a safety risk to our customers and those around them.”

Verizon is uncertain how they are managing to connect to its network. A spokesperson suggested they could be plugging them into outlets, using wi-fi, or finding workarounds for the disabling software updates. Verizon announced it is redirecting all calls from Note 7’s to its customer service line. The sole exceptions are 911 emergency calls.

What to Do If You Have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung says it has done everything it can to correct what remains an alarming situation. Today we add our voice to its call. If anyone reading this blog still has a Galaxy Note 7 in their possession, please turn it off and contact your nearest Samsung outlet.


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