Smoke Detector Batteries Save Man, 3 Dogs

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A man and three out of four of his dogs had a lucky escape in Mentor, Ohio. “If I did not have the smoke detector batteries, I would 100 percent be dead right now.” James explained to Channel WKYC3 how he heard one of his devices beeping. Close examination revealed he had only one working in his house. Fortunately, he decided to do something about it.

A Few Weeks Later the Smoke Detector Batteries Trigger an Alert

smoke detector batteries

Another Mentor Fire Department Incident: City of Mentor

James woke one night to hear a smoke detector beeping and the bedroom full of smoke. His first thought was for the dogs sleeping in the kitchen downstairs. However the smoke and flames overwhelmed him and he passed out.

When he recovered all he could see were flames racing towards him. That’s how fast it was spreading he explains. He managed to find a way outside and locate someone to call 911 at that time of the morning. Those new smoke detector batteries had bought enough time for a fire team to arrive, rescue three of the dogs and extinguish the flames

The Sad Tale of a Damn Fine Dog Called Dahm

When the heat had cooled sufficiently and it was safe to enter the house, James’ first thought was for the remaining fourth dog Dahm. He found Dahm lying on the floor beside his bed dead. His faithful friend had stood guard where he knew his master slept at night.

smoke detector batteries

Live Training Derelict Building: Jereme Rauckman: CC 2.0

“He gave his life for me,” James mourned. “That’s my absolute best friend…I’m heartbroken.” The Mentor Fire Department confirms over 500 people have died in house fires in the U.S. so far this year. Those people might not have lost their lives if they had smoke detectors, their spokesperson says.

Smoke alarm batteries are inanimate things. They cannot love you as much as dogs may do. However,  they watch over your home faithfully for as long as they have life.


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Preview Image: Mentor Marsh Nature Preserve


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