Spoil Your Car a Little This Winter

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The days have returned when it’s a little tougher getting out of bed in the morning. The idea of a good night’s sleep seems to tempt us earlier at night. Perhaps bears, skunks, snakes and groundhogs have hold of a good idea hibernating. Our autos are also a little sluggish in the morning. Spoil your car this winter by allowing the engine oil to warm before you drive off.

It’s a Good Idea to Spoil Your Car Batteries Too

spoil your car

Not My Day: Suzie Tremmel: CC 2.0

Try not to leave you auto standing outside all winter night long. At least cover the hood with an insulated cover before the motor cools to keep the battery going longer. Spoil your car with a health check at the battery shop, to make sure it still has sufficient cranking amps.

A starter battery is most likely to go when the temperature freezes. That’s because the ions move slower when the electrolyte is cold. Always keep a set of reliable jumper starter leads in the trunk. However it is essential you check whether your auto electronics allow you to send, and receive jumper energy. If not, keep a few cards from trustworthy auto electricians in the glove box.

Take Care of the Tires on Your Beloved Auto

spoil your car

Keep Going Longer: ST SC: CC 2.0

Tires don’t work as well when they are a little flat. This is critical on icy roads when we need every micron of tread. Auto tires deflate slightly when the air molecules condense inside. Make sure the tire pressure light on the dash still works.

Your engine will last longer if you change the fluids regularly with the right specification. Spoil your car a little more by taking it to the service center for a health check-up. Breakdowns are bad news at the worst of times, but they are horrible at the night when the sleet is falling. Let’s keep the old car going longer.


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