Solar Battery Decisions This Summer

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We seem to be having another blisteringly hot summer. Do you think this is global warming kicking in, or more hot air from politicians? Much the same is happening in Europe, where they are brexiting on endlessly. Meanwhile our electricity bills are skyrocketing. We previously wrote about using solar energy to cool a home.  If you are mulling over solar battery decisions along similar lines, then this post is for you.

Solar Battery Decisions – Which Type is Best?

solar battery decisions

A Green Cottage: Martin Dawes: CC 2.0

There is more to choosing solar batteries than solar panels. Most shiny photovoltaic sheets boil down to the same thing. So it is more a matter of choosing the right provider.

Solar installers often leave us high and dry though when it comes to the storage batteries. Therefore, we are often on our own when it comes to making some critical solar battery decisions.

Lead-acid batteries are a popular choice for solar in American homes. The reasons for this are simple, and easy to understand:

  • Lead-acid reigns supreme when it comes to starter batteries. Every town and village has at least one supplier.
  • The technology is straightforward. We grew up with it as kids, and we trust it as a solid and dependable friend.
  • Sealed ones make logical solar battery decisions, because they are to all intents and purposes maintenance free

Tips for Life Extension of Solar Battery Banks

Large batteries are best for solar storage banks. Having a number of smaller ones increases resistance owing to multiple connections.

Using large cables reduces resistance further. Rearrange the series regularly as batteries in the middle may not charge as well.

However, the best way to ensure longer lead-acid battery life is charge them regularly. We should never allow them to go flat. Or stand idle for long periods while hooked up.


Lead Acid Battery Safety Rules

The Right Battery Type for Solar Power

Preview Image: Solar Batteries in Bus


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