Supercool Experiment: Light Up a Model House

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We have a supercool experiment for your next science class, and this one is bound to be a winner! We have already shared ideas on this site for lighting up an LED with a pile of pennies, a potato, a couple of lemons, and even an ice tray. But you know what? We felt something was missing because we never had a use for the bulb!

Then We Discovered a Supercool Experiment for School

supercool experiment

Potato Battery: David R. Tribble: CC 3.0

When we visited Henderson School, we learned about a kid who made a model house and then illuminated it with LED’s. Go on, check this photo out: it is such a supercool experiment we want you to click the picture now.

There were other model houses at the expo, as you’ll see from the photo. One had a doorbell, lights, and fans running off a battery via a circuit board. We think they probably purchased their batteries from EBay, or Amazon, or their local store.

But smart kids on this site know how to make their own batteries with the commonest materials, that cost almost nothing. Here’s a cute video to show the kind of special effects that you could achieve.

How To Go About Preparing Your House for Science Class

supercool experiment

Potato Batteries: Hannu Makarainen: CC 2.0

Your model house does not have to be over-complicated. The girl in the video used a box with a picture pasted on the back wall, plus some props. Why not think up something different to display your favorite science experiment that’s still on the go?

Then make a battery for the LED light in the background, or on the ceiling from a pile of pennies, a potato, a couple of lemons, or even an ice tray. We bet you can’t wait to try this out and neither can we. When you are finished, please send us a photo of your invention, while doing this supercool experiment for science class.


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Preview Image: Potato Battery Experiment

Video Share Link:

Link to Henderson Middle School Expo


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