Tesla S Batteries ‘Inherently Unstable’ (Lawyer)

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Lawyers for parents of a Florida teen that died in an accident in May 2018 are suing Tesla. The incident happened after a Tesla S their son’s pal was driving lost control and collided with a barrier. The lawyers are blaming the ‘inherently unstable’ Tesla S batteries for the devastating fire that erupted. But there is more to follow in their allegations.

How the Tesla S Batteries Got into This Situation

tesla s batteries

Robots Tending Tesla S: Steve Jurvetson: CC 2.0

Many common objects around us are inherently unstable when abused. Take the gasoline we use to power old-style combustion vehicles. If that energy catches fire after an accident we don’t blame the fuel. We blame the weather, the driver, the road conditions, whatever.

The Tesla S is a powerful electric auto, not belonging to our minds in the hands of an 18-year-old teen. That’s because kids of that age are often too impulsive to think things through properly. The vehicle was doing 116 mph in an urban area when the incident happened and the Tesla S batteries exploded. The driver’s father previously asked Tesla to activate the vehicle’s 85 mph limiter.

This Situation Needs Some Serious Root-Causing

tesla s batteries

Gleaming New Battery: Oleg Alexandrov: CC 3.0

Someone needs to find out why the 85 mph speed-governor failed to activate. Moreover, ZDNet reports the Road Transportation Board believes other onboard safety systems also failed to activate.

Tesla seems correct when it says “Unfortunately, no car could have withstood a high-speed crash of this kind.” These tragedies will continue as long as we put immature hands in control of powerful autos and motorbikes. We have previously warned there is a dangerous downside to lithium battery technology.

However, in this instance we don’t think it’s fair to blame the Tesla S batteries. This was a terrible tragedy waiting to happen to two young men, and a beautiful electric car.


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