The Best Things in Life are Batteries

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The best things in life are free, just as true romance is supposed to be. After that, things can become complicated but that is another story. The legendary reliability of our sealed, deep cycle lead-acid batteries comes included in the price. Batteries overall are among the commonest of all consumer products. In fact we could say, tongue in cheek that the best things in life are batteries.

Battery Experiments Are Among the Best Things in Life

There are endless things we can do with batteries and help improve our science grades. Elsewhere on this blog you can find out how to make a simple electric train with batteries. Or make a telegraph with a nine-volt battery and send messages between rooms along wires. You ought to visit our Experiments Tab at the top of the page especially if you are a kid or a parent. We’ll prove to you that batteries are among the best things in life when learning about electricity.

Spinning Time Idly with an AA Size, 1.5 Volt Battery

We discovered spinning batteries quite by accident, and were delighted to find the video because it explains things so neatly. If you did not catch the explanation (it’s not very clear) press down on the negative battery end to flick it away. Of course, you will need a hard level surface, and have nothing on the floor nearby that could damage in a collision.

We stumbled over the idea while sitting on the floor to change an AA battery in a wooden toy train. We are having endless fun finding out who can make it spin longer by flicking it the farthest distance. There is just one more thing we ought to mention.

Spinning a battery can cause friction. Please use another battery if it starts getting warm. Batteries may be the best things in life but we have to treat them with the respect that they deserve.


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