UK Government Puts Money Into Batteries

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We reported previously how Britain is outlawing petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 onwards. More details have emerged of the $3.3 billion overall package for tackling air quality. The administration is funding battery research and development to the tune of US$300 million. When the UK government puts money into batteries like this, it clearly has an ambitious plan. This plan involves increasing smart energy technology penetration in homes and businesses.

UK Government Puts Money Into Batteries to Take the Lead

uk government puts money into batteries

Michael Faraday: Bazzadarambler: CC 2.0

The UK has decided to become a world leader in battery manufacturing and design. “Batteries will form a cornerstone of a low-carbon economy, whether in cars, aircraft, consumer electronics, district or grid storage,” said Professor Philip Nelson, chief executive of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council.

The government will fund development through its four-year Faraday Challenge. It has earmarked the first $59 million to make the new technology accessible to private and public partners. The overall goal is giving business people and homeowners more control over their energy use.

Ambitious Plans to Cut Energy Costs by $52 Billion by 2050

uk government puts money into batteries

UK Eco Village: Tom Chance: CC 2.0

First, plans are already in place to streamline regulatory control over electricity and storage. Secondly, this will enable consumers to generate some of their electricity from renewables, and hold it in storage batteries between peaks. After the UK government puts money into batteries this way, the sky seems the limit.

“We want to open the door to new technologies and services. So they can help reduce bills for consumers in the long term,” explains the gas and electricity market regulator. “It is vital that we get the changes in place. Because there is potential for a smarter system to save consumers billions between now and 2050.”


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