Want to Fly in The Sky Like a Kitty Hawk?

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Do you want to fly in the sky like a kitty hawk? While you might not achieve the bird’s reaction speed, you will surely exceed the Wright Brother’s first flight of 12 seconds. The Kitty Hawk Corporation near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina is beavering away with Google’s Larry Page to help realize your flying dreams. How cool is that?

The Low Down On What Could Become Your First Solo Flight

The single-seat flying drone has 10 propellers with independent motors taking power from a 20-minute battery. The top speed is 6 mph and you have to fly it over a lake because this is not a ‘congested area’. However, if you want to fly in the sky like a kitty hawk you have to do this in the daytime when you can see where you are going..

The Flyer as they call it tips the scales at 250lbs, entitling it to classify as an ultralight aircraft and avoid the need for a pilot’s license. However, if you weigh more than 200lbs yourself, then you exceed the maximum climb on weight. If you spot a hurricane, take evasive action. Since a 10mph wind could blow your kitty hawk away like a kite that lost its string.

Training Available

Larry Page has set up a training hangar at his Kitty Hawk Corporation to help people learn to fly his new toy. Although there are none on sale yet and the price may be around $30,000. Most of the ninety-minute training covers what to do if something goes wrong. Prayer books are not included. Bring your own.

First, you get to play a computer game to learn about the switch to control altitude. And then the joystick to steer the vehicle. Then you are ready to climb into a static version in a ball pool, so you can practice getting out if you land upside down in the water.

If you still want to fly like a kitty hawk that’s all you need to know. ‘Beam me up Scotty’ and fly me to the moon. Seriously though, we think this is a great idea with huge potential.


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Video Share Link: https://youtu.be/AjqR4JAsL1A


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