Treat Vapers and Their Batteries with Respect

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Vapers may seem harmless amusement to some people, especially to teens. However, the devices use lithium batteries to heat a liquid until it vaporizes, and that can be a deadly combination. We read a report about an exploding vaper that killed a teenager, and engulfed his bedroom in a raging fire. We believe a lithium battery failure caused the tragedy.

How Vapers Are Supposed to Work, Safely


Various Vapers: Ecig Click: CC 2.0

Lithium batteries inside vapers release electrical energy. This heats a liquid within the device until it vaporizes as a cloud. The user then inhales and exhales the ‘smoke’ as if they were smoking a cigarette. The vapor may contain nicotine, or another less harmful substance.

There is no clear evidence that vaping breaks a cigarette addiction. However, the user is still inhaling heated vapor. Some doctors believe this may cause long-term damage to their lungs. We are not taking a moral position on this one. Our main thrust is to alert you to the danger of having a lithium battery close to your face. A short circuit could cause you serious injury, or even death.

The Dangers Attached to Exploding Vapers

The BBC news channel reported the following statistics on May 17, 2018 and we quote directly:


Vaper Design: NCBI: CC 4.0

# In 2015, an e-cigarette exploded in the face of a 29-year-old Colorado man, breaking his neck and shattering his teeth.

# Between 2009 and 2016 there were 195 separate incidents of explosions and fires involving an e-cigarette. Resulting in 133 acute injuries, 38 of them severe.

# A fire in January this year at Denver International Airport was blamed on a vape pen’s lithium ion battery.

Lithium batteries in single-use disposable vapers still contain a fair amount of energy. This could be enough to power a short circuit. Please treat vapers with respect, and always recycle batteries at a depot including single-cycle, primary ones.


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