Wearable Stretchable Batteries and Devices

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Wouldn’t it be nice if we could roll up our phone and slip it into our pocket? Or turn it into a ball and bounce it across to a friend because it’s their call. Medical and wearable device makers are complaining the lack of wearable stretchable batteries is holding them back. They may only have to wait a few more years because progress is catching up.

Wide Attention Around Wearable, Stretchable Batteries and Devices

Prof Woo-Jin Song and Associates published a thought piece in Wiley Online Library on January 28, 2019. They confirmed worldwide interest in implantable devices, and stretchable power sources as key components in these fields.

They suggested redox batteries were a likely candidate “because of their high energy density, high output voltage, and long‐term stability.” However there was also great progress with other wearable stretchable batteries. After discussing flexible engineering strategies they considered practical issues, including mechanical robustness and stable electro-chemical performance.

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Tremendous Potential for Flexible Power Sources

Researchers in industrial and medical fields are glimpsing the tremendous potential this technology offers. They are excited about implantable and healthcare devices, artificial skin, and soft robotics with arbitrarily shaped surfaces say the researchers.

However, old-gen electronic systems using rigid and fragile silicon semiconductors are not appropriate for such devices. Therefore there is a need for flexible, bendable, stretchable transistors, circuit boards, and integrated wires too. We have already seen good progress with flexible semiconductors, and electrodes with high performance characteristics.

Prof Woo-Jin Song and Associates note by comparison progress has lagged with wearable stretchable batteries Their report is impressively comprehensive and far reaching. We appended a link to their report in case you would like to know more about this next gen topic .


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