Graphene Batteries: The Battery That Could Charge Your Phone In 12 Minutes

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Graphene batteries are everywhere lately. They are even getting the title of the ‘batteries of the future’ and we’re here to fill you in on the magic behind the Graphene battery phenomenon.

What Are They?

Graphene batteries offer improved performance over traditional batteries because of the way they are bonded together. They’re composed of carbon atoms, bound together in a honeycomb lattice pattern. Moreover, the pattern enables their structure to be so thin and flexible, that it’s essentially two dimensional. 

graphene batteries

Image: Graphene Info 

Catching the Eye of Electric Manufacturers

Graphene batteries are environmentally friendly and sustainable therefore catching the attention of global electric vehicle companies companies. Additionally, one of the biggest electric vehicle companies, EMotion, has released a statement stating that they will continue their research into Graphene batteries technology, and will perhaps be the first to use Graphene batteries in an electric car. And for good reason, lithium-ion batteries, used in Tesla cars, can actually be enhanced by adding Graphene to the battery’s anode. Also, it has the potential to improve energy density.

graphene batteries

Image: Green Car Reports

The Future of Charging

A major problem with electric vehicles is how heavy and large the batteries need to be. Also, Lithium-ion batteries run out of energy quickly and require long charging periods. However, for the first time ever, Graphene batteries offer a perfect solution to these issues. Graphene batteries are lightweight and flexible and offer a longer battery life and performance as a whole.

Additionally, Lithium-ion is the most popular and standard battery that phones use. Much like electric vehicles, Graphene batteries are changing things. Samsung is perhaps the first big name global company to make use of the Graphene battery phenomenon. Samsung has also put two patents down on the technology, laying groundwork on their assumed new phone launch that will feature the battery. Moreover, the technology with the title “Graphene ball” is claiming to be able to recharge fully in just twelve minutes and can sustain more extreme temperatures.

graphene batteries

Image: TNW

Graphene batteries are changing the game and are perhaps the future of batteries. One thing is for certain, we’re definitely going to start seeing more of these batteries in everything from our cars to our phones.




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