Wireless Power is More Than a Dream

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Nikola Tesla proved that wireless power is more than a dream in 1891. By 1894, he had incandescent lamps burning in his laboratory using energy via an inductive coil. He ran out of funds in 1896 before he could complete his Wardenclyffe Tower. If he had managed to, wireless broadcasting and power generation across 25 miles might have become a reality. Alas. This did not happen. The dream of sending electricity across an air gap lay dormant for fifty long years.

Wireless Power 101: The Basics of Wireless Power

wireless power is more than a dream

Wardenclyffe Tower; Marc Seifer Archives: P Domain

Wireless power, inductive coupling, inductive power transfer, resonant power transfer, and resonant wireless power all work in a similar way.

Alternating current energizes a coil in a transmitter in order to create a magnetic field. This induces a current in the receiving coil, which becomes direct current after passing through a transformer.

wireless power is more than a dream

Unipolar: Chetvorno: P Domain

Thus, we could use the technology to recharge all our mobile devices from a solar battery in another room.

We could also use the same battery for major kitchen appliances, eliminating the need for high voltage connections. But that is still a little way in the future.

Wireless Power is More Than a Dream: It has Benefits

It becomes obvious that wireless power is more than a dream and perhaps even an alternative for transmission wires:

  • No expensive, high maintenance slip rings in generators and motors
  • Fully-enclosed electronics for high-humidity and damp environments
  • Safe, efficient energy delivery to fast-moving, mobile robotic devices
  • Hygienic electricity supply for mission-critical bacteriological research


Wireless Power Does Not Have to Pass Through the Air

We can do more than induce power through the atmosphere. We could also transmit it through brick, glass, wood, plastic, textiles, and most other non-metallic materials. We could also transmit it through various gases and liquids. Wireless power is more than a dream. It is a miracle waiting for its moment.


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