XING Mobility Water Cools Electric Car

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xing mobility

XING Battery Enclosure: Image XING Mobility

The XING Mobility motor company in Taiwan builds electric vehicle components, and fast racing cars to prove they work. The company believes in Albert Einstein’s saying: “play is the highest form of research.” Moreover, its technology is spinning over into electric super cars too.

The Green Car magazine reports XING may have found a way to prevent batteries overheating in its Miss E Electric Prototype Racer. And this benefit is knocking on to its Miss R Electric Super Car.

XING Mobility designed a modular battery case to accommodate Li-ion 18650 cell types in a robust enclosure.  Then it submerses the assembly in a liquid that Charged EV’s editor thinks is 3M Novec 7200 engineered fluid. Thus this innovation eliminates the need for a separate, custom casing.

Novec 7200 is a non-conductive liquid substance with a high boiling point. 3M makes it for suppressing fires, cooling super computers, and exchanging heat generally. Novec 7200 absorbs the heat the batteries generate at XING Mobility in a similar way. Heat exchangers are commonly used in refrigeration, air-conditioning, and a wide variety of other applications.

The Core Business of Xing Mobility in Taiwan

XING sells liquid-cooled battery enclosures, torque-vectoring gearboxes, plug-and-play electric vehicle power kits, and suspension dampers capable of 1,000 adjustments per second.

xing mobility

XING Mobility Miss R: Image XING Mobility

However, there is nothing quite like the sight of the debut performance of their Miss E Electric Prototype Racer. Because it proves that electric car technology is finally coming of age.

Their Miss R Electric Super Car is not far behind their Miss E either. It has 4,200 lithium cells encased in XING Mobility’s liquid-cooled power pack. Firstly, this releases one megawatt (1,341 horsepower) instantly to four high-density motors each powering one wheel.

Then Miss R has 100% independent wheel control to manage this burst of power, making her a paradigm shift indeed. The company boasts of surpassing combustion engine performance. This is incredibly amazing if it is true. What more can we say. When can we meet Miss E and Miss R, please?


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Preview Image: Miss E Electric Prototype Racer

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