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Ademco Battery

UPS Battery Center manufactures high quality rechargeable replacement batteries for Ademco security systems: Ademco 4180, Ademco 4140XMPT, Ademco 4140XMP, Ademco 4120EC, Ademco 4110, Ademco 25404, Ademco 25389, Ademco 25360, Ademco 25309, Ademco Vista, Ademco VIA, Ademco PWPS, Ademco 465-654, Ademco 712 BNP, Ademco 656654, Ademco 6241, Ademco 624, Ademco 5743, Ademco 5140, Ademco 484, Ademco 465680, Ademco 465654, Ademco 7603, Ademco 772010, Ademco PS1220, Ademco K4362, Ademco GSMV, Ademco BP412, Ademco BP32, Ademco Alarm Net, Ademco 9092W, Ademco 7720, Ademco 456651, and more.

Your alarm battery is a crucial component to the alarm system since it provides backup power in case your AC mains power fails.

Our valve-regulated sealed lead acid batteries meet and exceed the original manufacturer's specifications.

If you can't find the replacement battery for your Ademco Home Alarm, give us a call at 888-755-7718 or email us at and we'll find it for you!

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